The Seven Stages of a Crush

We’ve all been there. We’ve all met someone that suddenly sets our heart (or other body parts) ablaze. But, the road to a full blown crush isn’t always a smooth ride…

It starts off innocent enough. You meet, you chat, you smile, you joke, you subtly touch his arm. But then…then you go slightly mad…

Stage 1: Cheesing

The period of time after you meet someone and cannot stop smiling. Ever. Nagging coworker? SMILES! Shitty traffic? SMILES! A hole in your very favorite sweater? ALL SMILES, ALL THE TIME! This, my friends, is what my best friend likes to refer to as cheesing.


Stage 2: Denial

This guy is SO cute, AS IF he would ever be interested! No way he is interested in me, too. NO. WAY.


Step 3: Cheesing

OMG, who cares if he likes you, too! Can’t. Stop. Smiling.


Stage 4: Acceptance

He’s cute and nice and likes music and traveling and he always returns texts in an acceptable amount of time! That’s it, I like him. No stopping it now. He is just sooooo great.

giphy (3)

Stage 5: Denial

No way he’s this great. he can’t be. He can’t be into all the weird shit I’m into and be a normal, decent, non-asshat guy. It’s just not possible.


Stage 6: Nitpicking

There has to be something wrong with him. There must be. He does wear that one shirt that’s a little weird. And some of his texts don’t have correct punctuation in them. Sometimes he even writes U instead of YOU. He’s basically a MONSTER.

giphy (2)

But, despite the nitpicking and the rollercoaster of stages previously gone through, you end right back up at…

Stage 7: Acceptance

Holy shit! Despite that shirt and his missing semi-colons, you are still one smitten kitten. His name popping up on your phone still brings you to massive levels of cheesing and getting to see each other, whether it’s for an hour or a whole night, just never seems to be enough. And, despite probably acting like a lunatic while going though all these different stages of infatuation, he is still, miraculously, here. Being all smart and funny and giving you that smile.


Finally, finally, you are in full on crush mode!

Now your only problem is trying to stop your heart from doing this…64723-katy-perry-firework-gif-PVUH