I Wish I Could…

…cook myself healthy, well-balanced meals at least four nights a week.

…fashion my hair into a messy bun or down in loose waves in less than one hour.

…say no to pizza.

…find a career path that excites me.

…stop hate-watching Scandal.

…miss that one person less.

…empty the whole dishwasher instead of being lazy and just taking out what I need.

…forget how good Talenti Argentine Caramel Gelato tastes.

…replicate cute outfits on Pinterest.

…make a home manicure last longer than two days.

…find a workout routine that doesn’t bore me.

…walk in high heels.

…watch one episode of anything on Netflix without needing to watch the whole series.

…parallel park in less than four attempts.

…spell the word maintenance without the help of autocorrect.

…be more open with my feelings.

…stop abusing the 1-click buy on Amazon.

…get super zen and start doing yoga and meditating on the regular.

…hear the song With or Without You without getting teary.

…forget all the shit on this list that doesn’t really matter and start focusing on the things that do.


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