Hello, New Year!

It’s about that time again. A time for fresh starts. Here’s how I plan to appreciate the gift of another year in this crazy world and find ways to make the most of it:

Resolutions for 2014

Dance more.

Worry less.

Help others.

Improve myself.

Keep taking chances.

Don’t give up on love.


So dear readers, what’s on your list?


All I Want for Christmas

Y’all, the holiday season hasn’t been kind to me thus far. First there was a lengthy battle with a fever-so-high-we’re-taking-you-to-the-hospital-virus and then there were the piles of work to catch up on due to being off the job while battling said super fun illness. Needless to say, I’ve had a hard time not focusing on all of that and allowing myself to get into the Christmas spirit. But then, finally… a Christmas miracle occurred! A few days ago I awoke from a restful sleep where I hadn’t coughed through 80% of the night. Joy to the world, indeed! Even though work is still acting as a Debbie Downer to my holiday cheer (seriously, working 7 of the next 8 days? NOT A WAY TO BRING ON HOLIDAY CHEER!) I’ve started to embrace the season. My tree is trimmed and my holiday goody bags are ready and wrapped. But now that everyone else’s gifts are ready to go, I decided to put a little thought into what I’d like Santa to bring me this year…

Thalia’s Christmas List

Lasik. But not just any ol’ Lasik. Lasik where they can knock you out so you don’t have to be awake while a laser beam attacks your eyeball. Seriously, how has science and technology not advanced Lasik surgery that far yet? I know, you can’t feel the laser, blah blah blah, I’ve heard it all before. I guess having my right contact repeatedly rip while on my eye just isn’t annoying enough yet for me to test that pain-free laser theory out though. (And seriously, am I the only person with contacts this happens to? I get a rip right down the middle of my right contact while it’s on my eye. I’m starting to worry that all those times people said I have daggers in my eyes is true…)

Two Extra Hours a Day. But not just any ol’ two hours. Two magical hours where all I can do with one hour is workout, and all I can do with the other is write. Oh productivity, how wonderful you’d be if these two hours existed.

A New Face. But not just any ol’ new face. A face that can pull off short hair. All I want for Christmas is to look good in a pixie cut, damnit!

So there you have it, dear readers. If any of you happen to know a wizard or a gypsy (or maybe even the real Santa?!) that can somehow bring this wish list to life, I’d be oh so grateful! I promise, I’ve been (slightly) less naughty than nice!

Until then, here’s wishing you and yours a very wonderful and love-filled holiday…Image