Playing Favorites

In an attempt to not pull my hair out at work and be so stressed out all the damn time, I’ve been thinking a lot about the simple pleasures in life. And, since I’ve always been a girl that likes to play favorites (seriously, I’ve always been the type of person to have an easy answer to “What’s your favorite holiday/city/toy/animal?” {4th of July/London/Skip It/Chimpanzee, FYI}) I have put together a little list of a few of my favorite simple things.


Getting into a car on a sunny day, when the inside of the car is warm, not too warm, just warm enough.

Ordering clothes online, receiving them, and EVERYTHING fitting perfectly.

The perfect non-fat chai tea latte. (Even better when the people at Starbucks spell my name correctly. Without asking.)

The smell of burning leaves.

Finding a panini that is delicious and does not rip up the roof of my mouth.

Finding candles that actually make my home smell like warm vanilla deliciousness and not weird, waxy plastic.

When Netflix adds new episodes of series you like to binge on. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Gossip Girl. What? JUDGE ME!)

Guilty pleasure TV. (And yeah, I’m looking at you, too, Pretty Little Liars. Keep judging.)

Making a 100+ point play on Words With Friends. Shazaam!

When Tanqueray Rangpur is on sale.

When I don’t forget to buy limes when I find Tanqueray Rangpur on sale.

Finding someone who dislikes Anne Hathaway as much as I do. (Like I said, y’all, these are simple pleasures.)

Finding my hair has magically put itself in a perfectly messy top knot.

When a man walks by and smells like that perfect combination of clean clothes, sandalwood, and manliness.

Finding a place that serves really good hot and sour soup. (Not too oily, not too watery, small chunks of tofu, and just enough spiciness. It’s a science.)

Having days where you just don’t have to wear pants.

Getting an actual letter in the mail.

Getting the perfect seat at the movie theater and no one sitting next to me or in front of me.

Having a full on, from the belly laugh before noon.

When the perfect jam comes on on the way to work and car dancing like no ones watching.

Catching other people car dancing.

Those miraculous, elusive days where I have zero anxiety about anything. (Okay, so not a simple pleasure, more like miraculous and elusive. But damn, is that one of my favorite things.)

Oh, and catching a Mayhem Allstate commercial.




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