New Girl in the Neighborhood

Y’all…restarting your life ain’t easy. I’m going on my fourth week here in Kansas City, and (mostly) I love it. The shock of coming back from Europe and not going back to Denver was a hard one to shake off. And maybe I had a mini-breakdown while putting up all my picture frames filled with shots of friends and fun night outs in Colorado and worrying maybe I made the wrong decision and am still wondering about leaving that one person I love, but mostly, this change has been a good change. Getting through this has definitely been made easier by my new home actually feeling like a home. I think this is the first time I’ve walked into a place I’ve lived and really felt like…I was home. It’s such a powerful feeling, one that truly helps when I’m having those mini-breakdowns of missing so many people and places that now feel so far from me.Β  A great home doesn’t cover all the new girl in a new city woes though. Job hunting is just as shitty as it was seven years ago when I was fresh out of college. I’m happy I planned this move well enough in advance to have the kind of savings I do, but still, not going to work everyday was fun for a few weeks and all, but I’m a creature of habit! I need that daily activity to keep all my other daily activities on track (see: not waking up at 11am or going to bed at 3am or going days without working out or wearing an outfit that doesn’t involve yoga pants and flip flops). And, aside from job hunting there’s that whole friend, and possibly more than friends, hunting thing. Finding new friends as an adult ain’t easy. That in itself is possibly a whole post for a whole other day, so I won’t get into it too much here, but friends are essential in my life and always have been. While I do have my hermit-y tendencies, I’m always going to want good friends in my life, and since all mine happen to be 600 (or more) miles away, I suppose I’ll be needing to find me some new ones.

Despite these ups and downs, one things has remained consistent since I’ve been here, and that is my family. Being able to spend time with them that doesn’t require me taking a vacation and traveling here to do so has been fabulous. Maybe I don’t have the job or the social life all in place, but I have a home and I have family, and really, it’s hard to ask for much more than that.

I could go on and on about this change in my life – in the short time that I’ve been here I’ve had plenty of excitements and frustrations and bottles of wine consumed while putting together cheap, shitty furniture. I could write about it for days, but sometimes a good gif does all the talking for me…

Thinking about everyone I miss in Colorado:






What helps when I miss all the Colorado people:


My happy dance once my house was totally unpacked:


Hour three of waiting for a technician to get my internet set up:


Putting together a bar stool that comes with one page of picture instructions:


Finally getting said bar stool put together, despite half the pieces not fitting together:


Waiting to hear back on resumes:


When said resume is rejected:


Dining alone…

What it feels on vacation in Europe:


What it feels like not on vacation:


Getting back into a workout routine after a month off:


Thinking about making new friends:


Attempting not to be awkward while making these new friends:


Checking out my new neighborhood and seeing tons of bars:


When I look at the groceries in my cart:


Running in the Plaza and being reminded how cute Midwest boys are:


Assessing the dating scene in my new city:


Enjoying the perks of living alone again:


Wrapping my head around starting over a brand new life…

Most times:


The optimistic times:


Yep, y’all. It’s all happening. For better or for worse, I finally made a change, and it turns out, change feels good.


5 thoughts on “New Girl in the Neighborhood

  1. Your new place is so super cute and I’m loving all the green pictures you’ve been posting. You are so missed here. I cannot wait for a visit soon!

    Also, you are the queen of the great memes. I laughed out loud at Anderson Cooper and totally could picture you dancing when you got that damn stool put together. Kisses. πŸ™‚

  2. THANK YOU for posting a clip of my second fav Magic Mike scene; first being when said young man comes out in his cowboy hat and jeans… (Still waiting for the poster of that to come out. they still make posters???) We truly have a wonderful family and while I am missing you like crazy, I am so happy that you are having the experience that you are in our hometown. And yes, it DOES make a difference when a place feels peaceful and like home. I will certainly miss the one I am about to leave!

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