A Few of My Favorite Things

Nine more days. Denver and I are parting ways in nine short days. I’m excited, I’m sad, I’m scared, I’m stressed, I’m elated…Basically, I’m a hot mess. I think this feeling of being trapped in a glass case of emotion is pretty much to be expected. Denver and I have been together for seven years now and that’s a pretty serious, lengthy relationship for me. We’ve had our ups and our downs, but at the end of the day, I love this city. I love my last seven years here. I love Coors Field, I love the Ogden, I love Red Rocks, I love the sunsets, I love being close to Fort Collins, I love camping and hiking in the summer, I love all the breweries, I love First Fridays, I love a feta and mushroom slice from Cowboy, I love spicy tuna rolls from Sonodas, I love warm, drunken nights on rooftop bars, but mostly I love the people I’ve spent these last few years with and all the crazy adventures we’ve had.

I love this place. I love these people.

The tears have already hit a time or two and I’m sure before I make it to KC in nine days they will hit again and again and again, because leaving behind your favorite things is never easy.