Flyin’ Solo

You guys, yesterday I was kind of like this…




And well, pretty much like this…


And definitely like this…


Y’all get the point? I. WAS. EXCITED.

The last piece of things to do before I turn 30 has finally come together. Well, technically it’s not going to happen until 12 days after I turn 30, but it is still happening. I’ve written everyday, I’ve done things that scare me, and now I’m traveling solo. Yes dear readers, on May 20th I will be taking Europe by storm, and trust me, Europe ain’t ready for all this!

I haven’t been outside of the U.S. (really, does a resort in Mexico count?) in over 10 years and I have plenty to make up for. There may not be any wine or cheese or delicious warm, fresh bread left (or possibly delicious men left to kiss) in all of France by the time I get done with it.

Now yes, I am excited (like literally running down the hall in the office ala Tina Fey after I  booked my flight excited) about all this. But, I’m still way scared about the whole going solo thing. I’m scared of getting lost in unknown airports and train stations, of having things stolen, and have had visions of Hostel and Taken popping up in my head, but I’m trying to focus less on the possibility of needing a rescue by Liam Neeson and more on the fact that in 56 days I will traipsing around England and France and beginning my thirties in style.

Happy birthday to me, indeed.



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