Secret Sunday

Christmas Edition

It’s been quite some time since I’ve made a Christmas Wish List. Normally the only people I trade gifts with are my mom and a few friends, and it’s always things on the smaller side; music, movies, books, etc., so I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into what I would ask if I could ask for anything. Well, here it is. This is my ultimate dream Christmas Wish List.

1. One Million Dollars

tumblr_m7f16wuxtE1qje4xjo1_500What’s that you say? No one has an extra million laying around to give me? Well crap. On to the next item..

2. Diamond Earrings

I’m not super girly. I don’t accessorize regularly but damn if I don’t want some shiny 2 carat diamond solitaire studs!
pZALE1-8359967t4003. Two weeks all expenses paid vacation at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora

item3.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.four-seasons-bora-bora-private-pools Enough said.

4. One full year without stress

I know, this is a weird thing to ask for. How does one make you stress-free? Provide me maids? Money so I don’t have to work? Personal chefs? Personal trainers? Massage therapists on call 24/7?! I’m not sure how this stress-free lifestyle happens, all I know is I would like to spend some time feeling less like this:cathy-comic-stripAnd what I would like more than anything…

5. For the world to become one big dance party

I can’t lie, when I get stressed, I like to dance. Usually it’s me in my bedroom dancing to embarrassing pop music, but regardless, there are times when I just need to dance it out. And how much better would dancing it out be if EVERYONE were dancing it out at all times?!? I have dreams of this! This magical world where people just dance for no damn reason! And it looks a little like this…0WhatUpWithThat_51tumblr_lgp6q5NhE21qcjtu8o1_5001zl92fn23ma42w.jpg280sw00788330075yu908131207_oflash1pr2qyial3.jpgsbtb4sunny2asvtumblr_md6naiEPCk1qgs4sno2_250tumblr_lgbira8pXh1qf8yektumblr_lh3l2z1S8s1qaiufdtumblr_lk54oh7tTt1qeot64tumblr_ll98ofcFwG1qe77yro1_500tumblr_llatbbCeky1qbnthutumblr_m122ufjo5a1qf7kk0o1_400tumblr_md6pzyTsdw1rtcgqyo1_500tumblr_me7kamtGKO1qgs4sno3_250tumblr_mf4r8xEAIv1rv65n0o3_250Happy Holidays, dear readers! Here’s to all your wish list dreams coming true…


7 thoughts on “Secret Sunday

    • Haha, I’m glad the dancing is being enjoyed! I was cracking up downloading these GIFs (but then not cracking up when I realized I couldn’t figure out how to make a GIF collage. Damnit why aren’t I more compooter saavy?!) And yes to lady date! My 2013 is open for lady date time!

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