Secret Sunday

I think it’s been well established that I’m a bit…peculiar. But in no area is this peculiar-ness more apparent than food. Yes, food. Personally, I think all the things I like and dislike are totally normal and in no way am I a picky eater (this is probably not true, but hey, we all like to think the best of ourselves, right?) but one person who knows me quite well seems to think otherwise and has requested that one of my Secret Sundays address these peculiarities. So, here are a few of my food oddities. (Edit: While I do have my food preferences, if someone is cooking something for me, I will almost always at least try it. For instance, I’m pretty sure Long Distance Lover made me breakfast burritos while I was in Cali that contained, gasp, sausage. But you know what? I ate it and loved it [probably because it was made by a sexy man…and was really spicy. Make anything spicy and I’ll likely enjoy it.].)

1. I hate most all forms of pork.

The clear exception to this is bacon, because everything is better with bacon, but most pork products really gross me out. Sausage patties? Ick. The smell, let alone the taste, could not disgust me more. Oh, and don’t get me started on pork chops. Adding apples to those things do nothing to make them more appetizing in my eye! I will also occasionally eat a ham sandwich, though, or some really delicious, spicy green chili if the pork chunks aren’t too outrageously over-sized.. Oh, and I LOVE hot dogs (but can hot dogs really be considered pork?)

2. I won’t eat meatloaf or meatballs, but I love hamburgers.

I don’t know what it is about ground beef. Put it in hamburger form and I could eat it almost everyday. Have it all ground up in tacos and I won’t touch the things!

3. Fruits.

I like most fruits. What I don’t like is when people insist on putting fruit in dishes other than fruit salad or jello or pies. Apples and cranberries in salads? Pineapple on pizza? Mandarin oranges in pasta? NO! Stop this madness immediately! And while we’re on the topic of fruit, this is one (of the many) things that alcohol almost always makes better. Orange juice? Eh. Only if I’m sick. But, add some champagne and I’m all about it. Blueberries? Not my bag. Blueberry vodka? Why yes, I’d love some! (The reverse of this is, unfortunately, also true though. Love pears, hate pear vodka.)

4. Love seafood. Love spicy food. Hate Cajun food.

To date, I have never had a Cajun dish that I’ve enjoyed. The same can be said about Indian food. How can it be that something like curry is so spicy and I don’t like it? Even this baffles me!

5. Chicken

Ugh. I love it, I hate, I love it, I have no interest, I hate it, I hate it. It’s a wacky relationship. Baked chicken? Gross! So dry and lacking of flavor. No matter how many different ways I try and dress it up, I just can’t make myself love it. Chicken wings? Swoon! Make ’em spicy and saucy and I’m a happy gal. Fried chicken? If it’s homemade, sure. If it’s KFC? No, thank you. Chicken alfredo, chicken enchiladas, chicken nuggets, chicken salad? Meh. I won’t order those at a restaurant, but if you put it in front of me, I’ll likely take a bite or two. Chicken soup? NO THANK YOU! Not even if I’m sick. In fact, I can think of no dish I’d hate more than if someone made chicken soup, threw in some blueberries and head cheese and made it with a curry broth. Stick that in front of me and you’d have me eating a grilled grasshopper before I even took one whiff of that dish!


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