Secret Sunday

1. My favorite movie is Dazed and Confused.

Despite the fashions, I’m almost positive I was meant to live in the 70’s. Also, the movie contains one of my all time favorite lines, “Wipe that face off your head, bitch.”

2. I’m the world’s worst flirt.

Not worst as in I do it way too much and way too shamelessly, worst as in I got no game. Awkward and shy does not a great flirter make!

3. I don’t like karaoke…

…so much as I adore it! I won’t be winning The Voice anytime soon, but this girl does love to sing. My go-to song is Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You.”

4. One of my biggest fears is caves.

It combines the two things I’m most frightened of, the dark and tight spaces. You won’t catch me spelunking anytime soon. (On a related note, I’m currently watching The Descent and I still maintain that it is the scariest movie ever made.)

5. My newest dream job is a Music Supervisor.

Aside from the fact that being paid to listen to music sounds amazing, I frequently find myself looking for the perfect song to fit how I’m feeling and, not to brag, but I’m pretty dang good at it, so I’m quite positive I would be great at doing the same thing for my favorite TV characters.


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