Secret Sunday

1. I am weird about blood and guts.

When it comes to movies or tv shows, the gorier, the better. Nothing makes me squeal when I’m watching it on screen. In fact, I sometimes think I probably seem like a creep when I’m in the theatre for a horror flick because I often find myself laughing at mass amounts of fake blood or intestines spewing out of a slashed open stomach. But, in real life? Please get me as far away from blood as possible. SO not a fan.

2. I really want a wedding.

Being at my cousin’s wedding last night made me realize how much I want to have a wedding. Not because, as a family friend put it, it’s time for me to get married off already. No, more because I’m just dying to have a big, fancy party where I get to wear a fabulous dress and everyone is there to celebrate ME! (Okay, and likely the man I am marrying.) Also, the prospect of cake and dancing and lots of booze and all sorts of fun presents is very enticing. But, as I am not engaged, nor even in a serious relationship at the moment, this big ol party probably isn’t happening anytime soon, so I will have to settle for a big ol 30th birthday bash.

3. I am terrified of moths.

Pretty much all bugs that have wings and can fly around your face and harass you, even pretty little butterflies (and yes, this fear did not stop me from getting a butterfly tattoo when I turned 18. Young and dumb, don’t judge.).

4. I have a crush on Dexter.

Yes, Michael C. Hall is an attractive guy and seems cool enough, but it’s not him I’m crushing on. No, is the homicidal blood spatter expert he plays on TV I’m really fond of. Does this make me weird? Like those weirdos who are in love with Charles Manson? Or is Dexter officially the one exception to the rule on liking serial killers?

5. I also have an insane crush on Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy.

And he is quite violent as well. Hmm… Maybe I need to rethink my fictional crushes, I’m starting to sense a pattern here!


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