Secret Sunday

1. I am obsessed with award shows.

Award show season is the most wonderful time of the year! I anticipate and full on salivate over the fashions, the acceptance speeches, and the major upsets every year. As I type, I am applauding Kat Dennings’ flawless porcelain skin and the deep crimson gown against it. GORGE.

2. I’ve practiced my “loser face”.

Yep. Never been nominated for an award (Golden Globe for outstanding writing in a comedy? One day – typed with fist shaken toward the sky), but better believe I’ve perfected the art of “Yes, I just lost, but look how humbled and proud of the winner I am!”

3. When heartbroken over boys, I turn to carbs.

Sweet, delicious carbs. Glorious carbs! Feta and mushroom pizza, saucy, garlic-y pasta, and warm, toasted onion bagels. Screw the chocolate, this girl wants carbs to curl into to soak up those boy related tears!

4. I am a fiend for dip.

French onion, spinach, queso, garlic and herb, yogurt fruit dip…you name it, I want to dip a cracker/chip/veggie/apple into it.

5. I am ready for CHANGE.

On the fore front of my mind almost any time I find myself unable to sleep is ‘What’s next?” Austin? California? Teaching English in Japan? I can’t quite decide, but something is out there for me…somewhere.


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