Secret Sunday

1. One of my favorite movies, and my favorite song, is Footloose.

Judge away if you must!

2. Most of my embarrassing stories involve me throwing up.

Throwing up at a concert in front of random people. Throwing up in my college boyfriend’s shared dorm bathroom. Throwing up over the side of a ferris wheel while sitting next to a cute boy. Throwing up, and eventually clogging a boy’s toilet, in California. Yes, I am a classy, CLASSY, lady.

3. I positively LOVE girls with pixie cuts.

But you will never see me sporting one. I am cursed with one of those round faces that looks absolutely frightening with short hair. A girl can always look at Carey Mulligan or Lena Dunham’s new do and dream though.

4. There is one sure sign that I like a boy.

I will spend at least five minutes editing my text message to him. Once that happens, I know I’m in trouble.

5. Not all of my tattoos have meaning.

But the newest one does. Tattoo number four is the name “Mae” on the inside of my right wrist. It was my Grammy’s middle name, and if I ever have a daughter, it will be her middle name as well. Everyday I think about my Grammy and I like that, even though she’s been gone for a few years now, she will always be close by.


The newest addition.


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