Secret Sunday

1. I HATE the Denver Broncos.

Oh wait, that’s never been a secret.

2. This time next year I hope to be enjoying fall from a different state.

Don’t get me wrong, aside from the Broncos, I’ve come to LOVE Denver. But, the time has come for a change. Yeah, I’m looking at you Austin or California…

3. I believe in soulmates.

But not in the traditional Hollywood-you’re-the-only-one-for-me-ride-off-into-the-sunset type soulmates. I think there are a handful of people out there that complement you perfectly, whether they be friends or lovers.

4. I have found soulmates in the friends department, but not in the romance.

But I haven’t given up on finding it.

5. I once sent Dean Cain a fan letter.

I was nine and in love with Superman (though Christopher Reeve was still my
favorite). It was written on Lisa Frank stationary and included many unicorn and heart stickers. To this day, I still cringe at the thought of my loopy and poorly written “Love, your biggest fan in the whole wide world”. (This still embarrasses me less than waiting in line at a mall for a Brian Austin Green autograph though…)


One thought on “Secret Sunday

  1. Number five made me laugh because I could relate. I once sent a fan mail to… Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Lol. I was around 12, I think. Like you, I still cringe at the idea that I once went baloneys and sent a fan mail.

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