My Favorite Story

Okay, so it’s not my favorite story. That, dear readers, may come at another time…when I figure out what it is. But this? This is one of them. It’s nothing huge. Some of you may even have heard me tell it before, but it just makes me happy and every once and awhile it needs to be re-told.

We truly do live in a small world. Case in point; a guy I dated for a hot minute toward the end of college, G, ended up being a RA in one of the dorms with a guy from my high school, M. (Now, for a little back story; M is younger than me. We knew each other through the Speech and Drama programs at school, but then again, our school was TINY, so it’s not like we wouldn’t have at least known of each other. Anywho, M was a cute kid, loved him to death and was in a few plays with him, but after high school our friendship was that of occasional Facebook ‘happy birthday’ messages.) As they were talking during their RA training it came up that M was from my high school, so of course G asked if he knew me. M said that he not only knew me, but I changed his life. Say whaaaaa??? I thought to myself as G was later relaying this story to me. How could my casual friendship from, ohhh, five years ago, have changed someone’s life? Pretty easily, it seems. M told G that he really liked doing drama in high school but knew there was no way he could pursue it after that. It was a mix of his parents not supporting it and not feeling like he was good enough to ever go anywhere with it. When G was telling me this a vivid scene came right back to me. It was my senior year and I was chatting with some fellow drama geeks about plans for the future when M said almost those exact words and I replied,  “If it’s something that makes you happy though, find a way to go for it. It will be worth it.” And that? That changed his life.

Alright, so even though he used the words “changed his life” I know it’s a bit of an exaggeration. I gave the kid some advice, and he took it. Since then he’s found all sorts of things he loves, even took drama classes in college, and is basically just going for it. I just happened to come along at the right time and say the right thing. And this isn’t even one of my favorite stories because I’m the person who said it to him (okay, maybe it partly is. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be referred to as a person who helped shaped someone’s life?!), it’s one of my favorites because it makes me believe even more that you never know when you will make a difference to someone, in ways large or small. It’s just like my angsty-girl soul sister Angela Chase said in one of her many voice overs in My So-Called Life, “Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart.”


One thought on “My Favorite Story

  1. Beautiful story and so true! Along the same line… years ago my first year at university I was an RN major. Had gotten involved in some community theatre, loved it and changed my major to English and Theatre. Almost everyone thought I was a bit nutty except for my 11 year old nephew Brett, who was so excited and thought I was totally making the right decision! Hee!

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