Secret Sunday

And so the tradition continues…

1. I am an anglophile.

All things British, I adore. Since I visited London (for two measly days!) when I was 16 my obsession was set. I don’t know what it is, but I just know I’d be more than happy to move to Islington or Brighton. Oh, and don’t get me started on my love for British TV. Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The IT Crowd and Luther are on heavy rotation in my Netflix queue. OH. And British Chick Lit? Yes, I will devour a good Bridget Jones type book in a day. Anna Maxted is my newest jam. Yep, like I said, anglophile.

2. I’m borderline OCD.

Borderline may even be generous. Let’s just say if the money in my wallet isn’t all in the same direction, faces toward the inside of my wallet, and bills going from smallest to largest, I get a little twitchy.

3. I cry. A lot.

Not in the ‘I’m crying because I’m having a hissy fit and can’t get my way’ type crying. No. It’s worse than that. I cry at books. And songs. And TV shows. And plays. And commercials. And movies. Lord, do I cry at movies. I’ve even cried at a scary movie. Not out of fear, but because I empathized so strongly with the girl who’s boyfriend and best friend were just stabbed in front of her. Yes, I am nothing if not over empathetic.

4. My new favorite drink is tequila and pineapple.

Not so much of a secret as a recommendation. Go out and try it!

5. Search hotmenwithbreakfast on tumblr and find my new secret pleasure favorite website.

Tom Hardy with a side of chocolate eclair is guaranteed to improve any morning of the week.

And there you have it, dear readers. Tune in next week for more titillating tidbits!


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