Secret Sunday


Shh…it’s a secret.

A few days ago one of my girlfriends called me secretive. “No, maybe secretive is wrong. That sounds deceitful. I guess I’d say you are a pretty closed book.” Secretive? Deceitful? Closed book?! Say whaaaa?  I’ve never thought of myself as being secretive. In fact, I’ve always kind of considered myself an open book. For most of the rest of the day I mulled my friend’s comments over and tried to figure out which one of us was off. After some thought I realized I was. I am rather open book-y, but only when someone thinks to ask me something about myself. Otherwise, yes, I do tend to play my cards to my chest. I suppose most times I assume, unless someone is asking about me, they might not be interested in hearing it. Well, guess what, dear readers? You came here to read what I’m writing, so I’m taking that as a sign that you’re just dying to know all about me and my secrets! So, as a way to spice things up, I’ve decided to start Secret Sundays. Secrets, tidbits, fun facts; get em here and get em while they’re hot (secret 1: I’m a dork. Oh wait? That’s already public knowledge?!).

1. Around this time last year, my general bravery level was around 4.5.

Today? A firm 6.75

2. I’ve only been in love once.

I’ve said “I love you” to four people, and at the time, meant it. I did “love” these people. But number of people I’ve been in love with? Only one. (Ask me about this again soon though. The answer may be changing.)

3. My favorite number is 19.

This is a recent development that only one other person gets…and the reasons why will most definitely remain secret (a girl has to have a few of them after all!).

4. I have never seen E.T.

Nor do I have any desire to. This seems to baffle people my age.

5. I love reading books intended for teenage girls.

Really putting that fancy literature degree to use, no?

And there you have it, the first Secret Sunday! Tune in next week; same bat time, same bat place (annnnd back to secret 1…a dork. A giant dork.).


I am positively thrilled by this post…and the plethora of beard pics. Nothing better than a manly man sporting a sexy beard!

A Confederacy of Spinsters

Men of the world, we need to talk. Don’t think I haven’t noticed what you’re doing. Everywhere I go, men are sporting more and more facial hair. Beards, goatees, and moustaches are running amok.

I love it.

Or, rather, my ovaries love it. Not so much the moustaches, as those skew a little 1970s creepster for my taste, but the beards. Good Lord, thebeards. There’s something about a short, well-groomed beard that makes me more excited than Jessie Spano on caffeine pills. They’re right up there with British accents and three-piece suits on the list of Things That Make Grace Swoon.

Ryan Gosling, who doesn’t have a British accent, but is wearing a three-piece suit and sporting a beard. Swoon.

So, what is it about beards, exactly? We’re not supposed to like them. According to a study that made the rounds a few months ago, women perceive…

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Something Scary

As I previously posted, one of my goals before turning 30 was to do something that scares me. Well, there’s still about eight months left before the big 3-0 and I’m excited to say I can now cross this off my list.

If you’ve talked to me in the last month or so you may have heard me mention going to California to visit a boy once or twice (okay, okay, or more like ten or twenty times). While I was very excited about this, because this is a boy I am excited about, it also really scared me. Anyone who has been through a break up knows that the experience can leave a person feeling once bitten, twice shy. Well, after a few bad break ups I was feeling more like five times bitten, fifty times shy. I know, I know… I’m not the only person who has experience in this, but, because of this, it isn’t hard to imagine why putting myself out there for a new boy had me feeling me scared and going 900 miles to see a boy was about as out there as I’ve ever put myself.

As soon as my flights were booked I started thinking how nothing good could come from this trip. If it was a bust, I’d be losing out on vacation days and frequent flyer miles. If it was good, I’d be liking a boy who is 900 MILES AWAY and we all know that the long distance thing is a pain in the ass and causes nothing but drama and how are we ever going to figure out what this is if we never get to spend time together? And what if this is just a crazy summer fling and I’m completely wrong about what I’ve been feeling? And would I be okay if it was just a fling? These were just the start of the crazy-girl-over-thinking-everything thoughts I was having, but, regardless of how crazy the thoughts may have been, I was still scared at the prospect of ending up hurt.

Well, I ended up putting on my big girl pants and working some mind magic to totally change how I was thinking about the whole situation. If the trip was a bust, all I’d be losing is a few vacation days and some frequent flyer miles. Worse things to lose when a trip to the airport is involved, right? And if it was good, then it was GOOD! There are multiple ways to get through 900 miles when properly motivated and is there any better motivation than a boy who is smart and funny and sexy and makes your knees feel like jello when you kiss? Because I certainly can’t think of any.



And in case you were wondering…

The trip wasn’t good. It was AMAZING. I have a full and proper crush. And I’m now doing something that scares me even more. I’m just going with it. Things between us remain in the new and fresh stage, which is exciting, but scary since I will be the first to say that I’m not great at not knowing where I stand with a boy I’m full on crushing on. But, just this once I’ve decided to do something that scares me… Trust a boy and just go with it.

Lucky Number Seven

Almost a month ago I booked my tickets for a long weekend in California. I’ve been waiting for. a. month. and I still have seven days left until I leave. As some of you darling readers may know, I am not the world’s most patient person. When I’m excited, truly excited for something, I CANNOT WAIT for it. I turn into the poster child for antsy in the pantsy. Well, in a feeble attempt to distract myself from the torture of these next seven days slooooowly crawling by, I’ve thought up my seven favorite things about the first seven months of 2012. Ya like to hear it? Here it goes…

In no particular order, I present to you:

Thalia’s Top Seven of 2012 (so far…)

1. Officially losing 20 pounds

This has been a goal of mine since I started working out pretty religiously. Ok, so it took me almost three years and there was a lot of losing and gaining then re-losing and re-gaining and finally re-re-losing. And, ok, so the goal was actually 30 pounds and I still don’t have Jennifer Lopez’s body, but, you know what? 20 pounds was really tough! And on top of that, I ran 10 damn hilly, hot miles and I NEVER thought I’d do that. So, I’m still striving for 30, but I feel damn happy with the first 20 being gone.

2. Getting rid of toxic people

Yeah, I’m looking at you bad boyfriends and bad friends and bad, absent father. I will be the first to admit I hold on to people much longer than I should. When I love, no matter what sense of ‘love’ it is, I love deeply and that connection takes me a really long time to break completely. It’s taken plenty long to finally just understand that these people are who they are and nothing, absolutely nothing, I do or attempt to do will change that. And really, I don’t even know how this detox, I guess you can call it, happened. I don’t know if it was the gradual, persistent “I deserve better than this.” thoughts or if I magically woke up one day and things finally clicked, but whatever it is, I just know now that my happiness does not depend on these people. Yes, I still care about these people, but only in the general ‘I wish them well in their lives’ type of care. They no longer hold my emotions hostage, and, honestly, I feel even lighter than the 20 lost pounds without that baggage holding me down.

3. Opening up to new non-toxic people

Generally, I’m not keen on meeting new people. Not because I have great desires of becoming a hermit (although, some days…) but just because I’m a hot mess when it comes to people I don’t know. I’m usually shy and awkward and I can’t tell you how many people have told me they thought I hated them when we first met (I get it, I look like a bitch if I’m not smiling or laughing. I GET IT!), so, in general, I usually just stick with the people I already have in my inner circle. But, this year I went out of my way to expand my social world. I wanted to push myself to open up more and I am damn glad I did. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have some fabulous new girlfriends, and I certainly wouldn’t be on my way to California next week (and holy shit, am I DAMN GLAD I am!!!).

4. Being told I rock at work

Ok, so those weren’t the exact words used, but that was the gist of it. I know, I know, I’ve gone on record saying this isn’t my dream job, but even if it’s not, I like to do well. And I like praise. I mean, who doesn’t like praise? So, after letting things slip a bit last year while in my post-break up melancholy, I was REALLY happy to hear that my work this year has been really great and appreciated. Even better? Being specifically requested for big projects by people I’ve never worked with before, but hear great things about me. Why yes, after hearing that, I’d love to help out! 

5. Having fun

This year isn’t even close to over yet and I’ve already had way too much fun. I’ve seen great shows with great people. I’ve had crazy adventures at the X Games. I’ve danced my ass off on more than one occassion. I’ve gotten rowdy at soccer games (and over David Beckham’s abs). I’ve cried after mimosa came out my nose while laughing too hard at brunch with the gals. I’ve danced and sang at the top of my lungs with my sister and The Black Keys. I’ve lounged with my family at the lake. I’ve been to more baseball games than I can count. I’ve swooned while meeting players for said sport. I’ve celebrated friend’s birthdays and had amazing friends celebrate mine. I’ve kissed a boy and felt it all the way in my toes. Yes, these first seven months of 2012 have been FUN.

6. Feeling hope

Nothing feels better than feeling hope after you thought you’d lost it for good. Maybe all the things I’m feeling hopeful about right now (yep, looking at you boy I kissed and felt in my toes) won’t turn out the way I’m hoping they will. But, the point is, I’m letting myself hope.

7. Knowing there is so much more to come

Aside from my upcoming weekend getaway, there is SO much to look foward to in the next few months, that the excitement of it all is already one of my favorite things. Taking my mom to the Book of Mormon. My friend’s baby girl on her way (yeah, Brandon and Kirsten!!!). My cousin getting married (yeah, Jamie and Dustin!!!). Getting tickets to BRUCE fucking SPRINGSTEEN! Concerts at Red Rocks. Dancing to a funk band with my favorite roomie on Halloween. Camping. Water World. Great American Beer Fest. Holidays with my family. The list could go on, so here’s lookin at you, next five months!

You know what would easily make this list? If someone where to, say, invent a time machine so it can be seven days from now already! Come on, scientists of the world. Let’s all put aside curing diseases and finding ways to prevent global warming and focus on ME and my selfish needs!!!


Where’s crazy ol Doc Brown when you need him???