Irrational Irritants

When I am in the elevator at work at the end of the day, heading down to the lobby to get the heck out of dodge for the night, nothing annoys me more than when the elevator stops, a person gets on, sees me clearly leaving for the day, sees the button for the lobby is already pressed, yet just feels the need to press it again. Really? REALLY?! Will that second press get us home for the night any faster? Nope, it sure won’t.

I know, I know, this is ridiculous. I honestly have no idea why this bothers me so, but boy does it ever.

And this isn’t the only thing that irrationally irritates me. This is only the tip of the iceberg. As I get older, this list just seems to grow. And grow. And grow…

    Girls with perfect skin who cover it up with 4 pounds of make up. Come on, girl, you don’t realize how lucky you are!

    Slow walkers.

    Drivers who don’t give a thank you wave when you let them merge.

    Drivers who leave their blinkers on.

    Magazines/websites spoiling TV shows/movies/books. Damnit, don’t tell me The Bachelorette is sending home my favorite suitor!

    Bachelor/ettes sending home my favorite suitor/ettes.

    Getting a rip in the middle of my contact while it is in my eye.

    Cell phones not having breathalyzers built in to stop me from sending that very regrettable text.

    Construction happening next to my building every morning, right at 6am.

    None of the construction workers looking like extras from the Bod Man Body Spray commercials.

    Guys (& girls) who eat whatever they want & complain that they can’t gain weight. Screw you, people. This is not a problem!

    Walking out of work only to see my bus home drive by. Yes, I realize another will come in 17 minutes, but who has the time?!

    The 5:23am bus always running late. Come on, buddy, there’s no rush hour to contend with at 5am.

    Girls who wear full make up to the gym.

    People who wear short shorts to the gym.

    Men who excessively grunt at the gym.

    Creed/Nickelback/LMFAO being played at the gym.


    Having an AC wall unit in the furthest corner of the living room. Yes, that two inches the air is able to reach sure is nice and cool!

    Having naturally curly hair in the back and straight hair in the front. Damn you, split personality hair.

    Introducing myself to someone, only to have them say ‘Nice to meet you, Sally.’ MY NAME IS NOT SALLY!

    Series on HBO/Showtime/AMC/FX only being 11-13 episodes long. I need more than 11 weeks of Dexter per year, damnit!

    TV series that aren’t available on Netflix streaming. I have no patience for only one or two discs per week. If the series addiction is strong enough, one or two discs per night are necessary.

    Men who say ‘Just don’t worry about it.’ This is the equivalent of a woman’s ‘It’s fine.’ don’t think we haven’t noticed this!

    People who send texts to ask ‘Are you free to talk?’ Call and find out!

    Dating guys with dogs. The only thing worse than missing an ex is missing his dog.

    Everything Kardashian related.

I can only guess that as I age and become (even more) crotchety, this list will continue to grow. And grow. And grow…


3 thoughts on “Irrational Irritants

  1. Great post! I have been keeping a list of things that irritate me too.
    I can go off on elevator ettiquite alone:
    -people who walk past the center stairs, wait 3 minutes and go up one floor
    -people who insist on letting everyone be a part of the very intimate parts of their life by talking loudly on the phone

    I can go on, but I digress.
    You have a new fan!

    • Agh! People who ride any less than four floors drive me bananas! I also have a great disliking of men, even when they are standing closer to the doors, who don’t let women off first. I don’t know, it’s not like I’m a stickler for chivalry, but for some reason that one irks me!

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